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Hello and Welcome to Writer's Work

John M. Poindexter


Hello and welcome to my website.

I am working on a crime thriller series based on a law enforcement organization that works under the control of the President of the United States. My other works are mystery and detective short stories.

I based my stories upon my experience when I was a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

My first novel Hawks' Dilemma is now complete.  You can read the Synopsis here.

Steve Hawks, Director of the Espionage-Terrorist Bureau, must face several investigations simultaneously, including his new wife being kidnapped. This causes a dilemma for Hawks because while trying to protect his wife, who is also an Agent, his boss, the President of United States, pressures him to work on only one investigation dealing with a senator’s son.

I call the second book in the series Steve Hawks - Deadly Revenge. On Drawing Board page (link above) has more on it.

You can find my short stories as eBooks through Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and on various other electronic reader sites. For a complete listing, readers can see my page at Smashwords:

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Dreamer's Paradise is about a young girl named Josie that meets a boy named Jimmy, who she thought was the best thing for her. Too stubborn to face reality, it took her two years to realize that it was either stay and suffer, or go and be alive. The trouble starts when she decides to walk away. The question now is how all of this will affect their daughter in the end.
Cindy went to Hollywood chasing her dream of becoming a Star. However, she ends up meeting Linda, a murderous woman. Will she ever become that Star and make her dream come true? Get Hollywood Dream and find out.
The affluent northwest side of Chicago rarely has problems where a Private Investigator would be seen running around the neighborhoods. However, Patricia (Pat) Michaels was hired by a rich Chicago Stock Market Trader to find his missing wife.
The mystery really heats up when Michaels believes she see the wife, but can never catch up with her. On several occasions, and in the different places she looks, there is always a woman that looks like Stacie Herr leaving in a hurry. Michaels is not able to stop her and begins to question whether the wife is really missing or just having an affair.
Put on your thinking cap and figure it out before her.
She Rises at Dawn will keep you thinking.



















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