Hawks' Dilemma is the first in the series of action-crime novels in which Steve Hawks, Director of the Espionage-Terrorist Bureau, must face several investigations simultaneously, including his new wife being kidnapped. This causes a dilemma for Hawks because while trying to protect his wife, who is also an Agent, his boss, the President of United States, pressures him to work on only one investigation dealing with a senator’s son.

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The second book in the series is Marked to Kill. The President of the U.S. forces Steve Hawks to enter the war against the Drug Cartel and stop the flow of drugs into the Florida panhandle. Since Espionage-Terrorist Bureau is not part of the Justice Department, but is under the strict control of the president, Hawks has no choice on what they investigate. Steve Hawks finds it is harder than the president thinks it will be to stop this flow. Problems arise and agents are lost in this battle.


With Hawks' Dilemma and Marked to Kill published, it is now time to get busy with book three and four.

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