John Poindexter is a retired English teacher inspired to write crime novels from his experience as a Special Agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. His job description was Counterespionage Case Officer, and he has conducted numerous criminal, narcotic, fraud, and counterespionage investigations. He also took part in many personal protection details protecting high-level government officials.

Mr. Poindexter received a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana State University and his investigative training at the AFOSI Academy located in Washington, D.C., the FBI, CIA and various other governmental agencies.

He is a winner in the Filbert Publishing June 2010 Short Story Contest and also a 2010 Peevbody Award winner. His writing career also has dealt with writing articles on investigative techniques for the Pacific Stars and Stripes while working in Japan, and reports of investigation used to prosecute individuals.

The novel, Hawks' Dilemma, takes the reader inside an exclusive agency that operates worldwide under the control of the President of the United States.

The second novel, in this series, Marked to Kill, deals with a group of terrorist trying to get revenge for the destruction of their Drug Cartel.